Key Info

Pupil Deprivation Grant

At the beginning of the academic year, the Welsh Government released grant funding for Primary and Secondary schools across Wales.  Following the strict guidelines, the school has utilised the funding of £46,500 to purchase ICT and AV equipment, fund Literacy and Numeracy programmes as well as releasing staff to help pupils with communication and self-esteem needs.

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After School Clubs

We run the following after school clubs 

Monday - Footbal (Mr Owen and Mr. Scandariato Y3-Y6)

                Theatre Club (Miss Matthias Y2-Y6)

Tuesday - Book Club (Miss Morris (Y2-Y6)

                 Computer Club ( Miss Miles-Davies Y2)

                 Art Club (Miss Colley)

Thursday - Choir (Mrs. Blaze Y2-Y6

Friday  - Homework Club (Mrs Hitchen Y3- Y6)

Clubs run up until the week before end of term and start back a week after the beginning on term. Letters will be sent out the first week of term to give everyone the opportunity to join.