Welcome to Year 1

The aim in Year One is to create a happy environment where your child will find enjoyment in learning from new experiences provided by Miss Morris, who will ensure that as far as possible the children in her care will have the opportunity to realise their potential and acquire a caring attitude to others.

Welsh Language Development

The children will be given the opportunity to learn and use the Welsh language in a variety of situations.

The Curriculum

The curriculum will be delivered through a holistic approach to learning in accordance with the implementation of the Foundation Phase.

The seven areas of the curriculum are:

  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills.(Oxford Reading Tree Scheme is used)

  • Mathematical Development. (Scheme Abacus evolve)

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World

  • Physical Development

  • Creative Development

  • Personal and Social Development

  • Well being and Cultural diversity

During their time in Year One the children will be working on Outcome 3\4 targets. However, there may be some children working towards this Outcome and some working beyond depending on their ability. The work set by the teacher in Year One will be differentiated to cater for the individual child’s ability.

As in the reception class, the children will follow an integrated programme. The children will work in colour groups and work on the basic skills in Literacy and Numeracy during the morning sessions. In the afternoon the children will be taught the other Foundation Phase subjects.


Within Foundation Phase, a thematic approach to learning is used. A theme is selected each term and a programme of study is worked out. The themes are wide and varied to develop all the Foundation Phase areas of learning.

The themes are based on Cornerstones Skills Based Curriculum.

Physical Education (PE)

PE Lessons in Year One are on Monday afternoons. Your child should have a change of clothes (T-shirt, and shorts), clearly marked with your child’s name) and will do PE in bare feet unless they have indoor pumps to wear. These can be kept safe in a draw string bag, again clearly marked with your child’s name.

General Information

  • Healthy snacks are on sale for the mid-morning break . If you wish your child to partake please send £1.50 in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and amount enclosed, on a Monday morning.

  • Bottles of water are allowed to be brought into the classroom for the children to drink during the day. The bottles must be of the sports type, clearly marked with your child’s name. The bottles can be refilled from the water dispenser in the school’s main corridor. Only water is allowed in the bottles.

  • School uniform should be worn and items of clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name.

Miss Morris is available Mondays to Thursdays until 4.00 pm if you have any particular problems or concerns about your child.